Pinecone is a cross-border consultancy firm providing a unique range of services for Kiwi businesses looking to find their feet in the US and for US individuals and businesses looking to move to or expand into New Zealand.






Send The Boys Around™

Why should debtors attempt to hide themselves 6000 miles away in the hope that geographical distance will insulate them from having to pay up?

The unpleasant side of doing business at a distance is the bit where things start going south and you feel you need to be there to bang a few heads together. This could be as serious as someone pinching your 200-watt-lightbulb-idea and them being told to cease and desist, or as simple as sitting down with the other side and sorting out a series of invoices and statements face-to-face.

Pinecone can help assess the level of service and contact required to get things moving again and if, by some misfortune, you need to Lawyer Up then Pinecone can help with that also.




Americans like to eyeball you. They like to know you’ve got skin invested. They like to deal with someone this side of the Pacific.

If you need someone to scoot down the freeway or jump on a budgie and fly to see a customer, even if it is only to shake hands or buy them a Venti Iced Mocha Frappaccino at Charbucks, Pinecone can provide a service that will save you from cashing in your airpoints or trying to negotiate 13 hours on a lumpy skycouch with the last sector’s plastic fork sticking into your bits.


Cap, Shirt, Bata Bullets...

Pinecone can arrange a number of things you might need in your business toolkit ahead of your launch. Avoid having to arrive on the red-eye, shave or powder your nose in the aircraft toilet and take an Uber straight to your meeting.

The things Pinecone can provide include advice and implementation of organizational structure, incorporation, contract review, distribution agreements, recruitment, hiring of contractors or employment of staff, office or interview room facilities hired by the day, week, month or year.



No.8 Wire™

Most problems that arise can be fixed with a banana skin and sticky-tape, like jump-starting a tractor with the metal shoulder-strap from a Warehouse handbag. If you have a problem that seems irresolvable and unfixable from 6000 miles away (or more), there’s probably a way around it that only requires a bit of animal cunning.

When things have gone bad, is it even possible to resolve things without losing a good chunk of your hard-earned wealth by having to feed the shark tank? Litigation is often costly and debilitating. However, a good old no-obligations, cost-effective, lock-the-door-and-don’t-leave-till-you-settle mediation session might just be the catalyst to put any prospect of litigation to bed, permanently.


Fresh Off The Boat™

There is comfort in knowing that you won’t be swept up in a dawn raid and put on the first flight back. The right visa does not come in Weetbix packet but it’s not that hard to get the right process under way that will serve your business needs.

Pinecone relishes in the challenge of finding the correct visa category to use and helping you get over the line. And this is all the more exciting with E1 Treaty Trader and E2 Treaty Investor visas now available to Kiwis.



Lawyer Up™

So what happens when a customer discovers a cockroach in their chardonnay or silverfish in their savvy blanc? There’s lots of blue smoke here. It can be scary thinking about getting your ass sued. But it’s not as freaky as you would imagine.

When you think your bum is hanging out and you feel vulnerable, the steps involved in suing or being sued here aren’t nearly as scary-expensive or exhausting as you might expect. Pinecone can hold your hand and guide you around the hot pools.





The Great Escape™

World migration is in a state of flux at the time this promotional content is being posted. Some famous celebs have been required to eat their own hats or to honor the promise they made pre-November 2016 to permanently remove themselves from their (then) current domicile (including Cher who vowed she would emigrate to Jupiter).

A less drastic step would be to explore immigration options in New Zealand. Doing business there may not require a physical presence at all but in case the expansion into New Zealand turns out to be wildly successful, Pinecone can help with a range of professional advice that will provide the information you require to make important decisions about who you choose to participate in your business and how they might achieve that.



Suited Up™

You will have lots of Kiwis tell you that they don’t possess the same enthusiastic trigger-finger when it comes to litigating disputes.

Typically, their style is more laid back and if it can’t be sorted by a good honest stand-up argument, it usually involves an old-fashioned arm-wrestle or cow-pats at 50 paces…

If a sporting attempt to resolve things doesn’t work, then, and only then, will Kiwis resort to the courtroom and let someone else control the outcome.

New Zealand has a variety of formal and informal dispute resolution methods, much like the US. The choice of forum, merits and costs of doing so may be repaid a hundred-fold by seeking the right kind of professional advice at the outset, and before the train leaves the station.

Pinecone has in-house capability and an extensive network of professional help to achieve that.


Signed Sealed Delivered™

Investing in New Zealand is largely unrestricted, subject to a number of tax considerations, and you can elect to carry on business or simply invest in existing structures as you choose.

However, there are limited exceptions in and around the purchase of rural land, sites of historical significance and land adjoining the seashore, lakes and rivers.

You will need to know when the rules apply and how to increase your chances of success in your purchase decision. None of this requires you to sell your soul but there is a process to be gone through that will take some time and resource without guarantee of a favorable outcome.



Need a Macgyver™

If something needs a quick fix, requiring a swiss knife, duct tape and a chewing gum wrapper then we can rapidly organize someone on the spot in New Zealand to do that from our extensive network of business contacts and professionals.

The challenges associated with the expansion of your business in another country can come in a myriad of textures, flavors and colors. Knowing that there is a pathway to sourcing the right kind of hands-on assistance is key to providing the confidence that you need to make crucial business decisions that have long-reaching and often irreversible consequences.